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The Singles Collection Vol. 1 2xLP (Black)

The Singles Collection Vol. 1 2xLP (Black)

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Dropkick Murphys – The Singles Collection Vol. 1 2xLP (Black)

Track listing:
1. Barroom Heroes
2. Fightstarter Karaoke
3. John Law
4. Regular Guy
5. 3rd Man In
6. Career Oppurtunities (Live)
7. Never Alone
8. Take It Or Leave It
9. EuroTrash
10. Front Seat
11. Denial
12. Billy's Bones
13. Road Of The Righteous 
14. Guns Of Brixton (Live)
15. Cadence To Arms (Live)
16. Do Or Die (Live)
17. In The Streets Of Boston (Live)
18. Never Alone (Live)
19. Get Up (Live)
20. Far Away Coast (Live)
21. Boys On The Docks (Live)
22. Skinhead On The MTBA (Live)
23. I've Had Enough (Live)
24. White Riot (Live)

Boston's Dropkick Murphys singles collection chronicling their rise as a band from 1996 and 1997 before they joined Hellcat. Featuring the split EPs with the Anti-Heroes and the Ducky Boys.

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