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The Gang's All Here LP

The Gang's All Here LP

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Dropkick Murphys - The Gang's All Here LP


1. Roll Call
2. Blood And Whiskey
3. Pipebomb on Lansdowne
4. Perfect Stranger
5. 10 Years Of Service
6. Upstarts and Broken Hearts
7. Devils Brigade
8. Curse Of A Fallen Soul
9. Homeward Bound
10. Going Strong
11. Fighting 69th 
12. Boston Asphalt
13. Wheel of Misfortune
14. The Only Road
15. Amazing Grace
16. The Gang's All Here

Even with the departure of original singer Mike McCoughlin, The Dropkick Murphys didn't miss a beat. They simply recruited pal and fellow Bostonian Al Barr for vocals and released THE GANG'S ALL HERE, which builds on the band's working class, punk rock sound, but also reflects the influence of Irish folk tunes with covers of "The Fighting 69th" and "Amazing Grace" (complete with bagpipes). With songs that articulate the burdens and exultations of blue-collar America, the Dropkick Murphy's touch a nerve in all people fighting for a better life.

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